An announcement

JAWBONE has now made the semifinals at the 2008 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards.


A cool picture

Here's why I'm traveling.

The fact that my trip back east coincided with precious nephew's third birthday had nothing to do with it. I am here to talk with guys like this one. And I have. So now I can finally go home. And figure out how to put these entries into real blogging software so I can really, you know, blog...

An apology

8/17/08? It's 8/17/08???

I knew I wasn't going to hack the blog-a-day thing, but I did think two or three a week would be no problem.

I've been traveling. A lousy excuse as of course I have internet access. And a nifty new Slingbox hooked up to my Tivo. (Throw in my MacBook Pro and how's that for product placement?) So, yeah, I am just as connected here as I would be in my office back in LA. I've even been watching the Olympics in the tv-free guest room in which I'm staying. Probably more than I should: if my blogging is suffering, think what must be happening to my writing.

As for the Olympics - can you believe the commentator who said the games weren't just a big step for China, they were "a great leap forward"??? So, thirty or forty-odd million people are gonna die of starvation? And some might even eat each other? Talk about tone-deaf.

I think the poor dude really had no idea what he was saying. He (or his writers, aagh) had heard the phrase somewhere and knew it had SOMETHING to do with China, right? God, our education system sucks.