Seasons Greetings

I just looked up from my desperate wrapping and it's 12:43 am here on the East Coast. So --


I followed the news reports of miserable ice storms on this cold side of the country and packed accordingly: every warm sweater and silk turtleneck I could find. Of course it was a mild 55 when I got off the plane, though every indoor space is still heated as though it were 20 degrees out. I'm going to die. If this weather holds I'm going shopping the day after Christmas -- and buying T-SHIRTS.


A Scrooge moment

Ken Levine had a fun post today -- things he hates that everyone else loves.

I read the first few lines and my mind immediately jumped to the thing I most hate that everyone else, particularly at this time of year, goes nuts for.

It's A Wonderful Life.

It may be a wonderful life, but it's a horrible movie. I loathe it. Our hero is a banker who manages to lose money backing mortgages during the post-WWII housing boom??? This man is an idiot. This man should never be allowed near anyone else's money. At the end when they all give him MORE money I just want to scream.

As I continued to read Mr. Levine's post, I was thrilled to see he hates the movie too. Hmm. I wonder how many other people secretly harbor fantasies of Mr. Potter winning and turning the folksy little town into Las Vegas?


An ID badge


Exciting news

This weekend I'm getting ready for final round interviews for the Disney/ABC television writing fellowships. Send good thoughts my way on Monday morning, later Monday evening, and again on Wednesday... !