A Scrooge moment

Ken Levine had a fun post today -- things he hates that everyone else loves.

I read the first few lines and my mind immediately jumped to the thing I most hate that everyone else, particularly at this time of year, goes nuts for.

It's A Wonderful Life.

It may be a wonderful life, but it's a horrible movie. I loathe it. Our hero is a banker who manages to lose money backing mortgages during the post-WWII housing boom??? This man is an idiot. This man should never be allowed near anyone else's money. At the end when they all give him MORE money I just want to scream.

As I continued to read Mr. Levine's post, I was thrilled to see he hates the movie too. Hmm. I wonder how many other people secretly harbor fantasies of Mr. Potter winning and turning the folksy little town into Las Vegas?

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