A book review

I'm joining the chorus of praise for Perfumes: The Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez. And I make this recommendation with real surpise. I am NOT a perfume junky. In fact, I'm only on the first tentative steps out of a decade-long "I don't wear perfume" pose. But this book is a really fun read – equal parts informative, lyrical, passionate and snarky. I was pleased to see that the very first perfume I ever fell in love with and spent more money than I had on got a five-star rave (Calyx by Prescriptives). Though the next perfume I bought – after that lengthy gap – got a one-star drubbing (Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana). I have work to do.

Anyway, great read, can't wait to see how it ends. Oops – I peeked. SPOILER AHEAD:

The ending: Zoe (Fresh Scents by Terri) – one star – floral musk – A simple jasmine-based white floral with a strong, sweet soapy musk. Honestly, just wear Joy.

Okay, so the ending is a bit of a downer. Although that "just wear Joy" thing could refer not to the perfume, but to some kind of metaphysical/philosophical position statement, right?

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