A mnemonic

The Kings and Queens of England:
Willie, Willie, Harry, Stee; Harry, Dick, John, Harry three
One two three Neds, Richard two; Harrys four five six... then who?
Edwards four five, Dick the bad; Harrys (twain), Ned six (the lad)
Mary, Bessie, James ya' ken; Charlie, Charlie, James again
Will and Mary, Anna Gloria; Georges four, Will four, Victoria
Edward seven next and then, came George the fifth in nineteen ten
Ned the eighth soon abdicated, and a George was reinstated
after which Elizabeth, and that's all folks until her death.

I love how the entire period that interests me exists only as a comma between the two Charlie's... though to be fair, this is a list of royalty. And the guys I'm working on had a rather unpleasant way of dealing with royalty.

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