A picture from my garden

This isn't really of my garden, it's of my front door jamb - and of the young ladies who have established a new home therein.

I was out of town for a few weeks and this is what I found when I returned: a growing nest of paper wasps. There are actually three of them - queen number three is on the back side of the nest and not visible in this picture.

It has been over a week and I still can't bring myself to destroy the nest. Instead I duck past it coming and going several times a day. So far un-stung. I wiki'd the wasps and found out they weren't "aggressive" - unless they feel their nest is threatened. At what point will they decide a slamming door an inch from their nest is a threat?
There are still only three of them, but they are working hard, as you can see, to make more. At what point will my mail woman refuse to approach my door?

Soon, I think.

So why haven't I killed them? These are WASPS - practically in my house. I can gas 'em with a clear conscience.

I guess it's some kind of bizarre feminist thing where I think it's too cool that three sister queens cooperate to build a nest together. And it IS cool. Even everybody's favorite super-cool bees don't do that.

Though I should probably read the wiki a little further. I bet after the baby wasps start hatching, one of those queens is gonna EAT the other two...

Feminism be damned.

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