An update

Still working on the new pilot project. Gassed the wasps (sorry, everyone, had to think of the USPS). Sucked into watching, and caring about, the Tour de France yet again. Still haven't forgiven this one, but I can't stop rooting for this one: four awesome sprint finishes with no one even close. Beautiful. He better not be cheating.

The sad part of rooting for anyone in cycling is that you're always waiting for the other shoe to drop. The only time you know for sure if your guy is really clean is when he's eventually proven NOT clean. Has it come to that? Hell, it passed that years ago.

I'm using this as a heart-break trial run for the Olympics next month. They are going to be UGLY.

But I will still watch: I love sports. Particularly team sports. I even co-founded a team in my competitve days. Go Empire Speed! 'Course, I always thought our tiny little sport was safe from cheating. I mean, how much money and glory is there in inline speedskating? I'm pretty sure the sum total of my winnings didn't come near the deductibles alone on my injuries. Apparently, I was wrong.


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